Aluminium fencing is a great solution for property owners and MAXIMO are experts when it comes to supplying and installing them in New Zealand.

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Aluminium fencing is incredibly robust thanks to the material’s high strength-to-weight ratio and anti-corrosion properties, the latter particularly important for coastal properties throughout the country. They are also incredibly versatile with aluminium fence panels available in a variety of different configurations and styles. 

You’ll have the choice of fences that have vertical or horizontal slats, those that ensure complete privacy or a more open view and you’ll also be able to install them on flat or sloped land, an incredibly important advantage when considering our landscape. We’ve also worked on residential and commercial projects where aluminium fencing has been integrated into structures featuring other materials e.g. brick, plaster, timber etc.

Whatever your needs, our customer-focused team will do whatever we can to ensure you get the aluminium fencing solution you require.