Aluminium balustrades are a great solution for both internal and external environments in New Zealand and MAXIMO have some fantastic premium options to choose from within their range.

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Whether it’s for a home or business, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure all your needs are met while meeting compliance obligations.

Its superior strength-to-weight ratio is what makes aluminium balustrades such an appealing choice but that’s just one benefit to name from many. Its high corrosion and rust resistance, particularly in coastal locations, gives it great longevity with very low maintenance required. Aluminium’s natural malleability also means it’s easier to work with, affording greater flexibility in design and installation.

Whether you’re looking at an Edge Stecca for a deck or stairway, an Edgetec Commercial for your business or a Contemporary Aluminium to make your retaining wall safe - we’ll be able to guide you through the process to ensure you get what’s best for you.